Our Mission

To foster an understanding of remote sensing science. Emphasis is placed on developing a meaningful dialogue among geographers interested in understanding and applying remote sensing technology in research, instruction, public service, and private enterprise.

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Early Career Award Winners

  • 2018 - Dr. Matt Dannenberg, University of Arizona
  • 2013 - Dr. Harini Sridharan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • 2012 - Dr. Caiyun Zhang, Florida Atlantic University, Mapping Individual Tree Species in an Urban Forest using Airborne LiDAR Data and Hyperspectral Imagery
  • 2010 - Qian Yu, Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts
  • 2009 - Le Wang, SUNY Buffalo: "A Multi-scale Approach for Delineating Individual Tree Crowns with Very-High Resolution Imagery"
  • 2008 - Dr. John Rogan, Clark University: "A comparison of linear change detection methods for mapping multiple types of land-cover change in California."
  • 2007 - Dr. Soe Myint, Arizona State University: "Is the Getis index more effective than the Geary*s C function in detecting spatial pattern? A case study of urban land use and land cover mapping."
  • 2004 - Dr. Bing Xu, Texas State University: "Snail density prediction for Schistosomiasis control using IKONOS and ASTER images"